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Project Description


Casement tilt-and-turn

The 70 mm Termimax PVC casement window is the definitive solution for your requirements.

The innovative design of the profiles with 5 interior chambers provides a high level of thermal insulation of 1.3W/m²K on frame and sash profiles, generating an annual savings in excess of 25% in heating costs.

The main profiles of frame, sash, jamb and cross-section, along with the multiple auxiliary profiles and the most innovative fittings allow us to provide the client with endless opening solutions and window shapes to successfully complete the project. The use of interior galvanised reinforcement in all sections confers great stability and the possibility of manufacturing large dimension frames.

In order to provide superior insulation and noise reduction, our window offers a wide range of glazing possibilities, thanks to the rebate and beads that allow glazing from 6 to 42 mm thick, with drainage pursuant to manufacturer’s standards, which ensure the lack of moisture in the rebates.

The fittings on the Termimax window allow regulation of the hinges on height, sides and pressure regarding the frame and pressure regulation of the bolts on the plate, which makes it easier to adjust the window on site. The high quality alloy used for the fittings allows for a low maintenance and high resistance to external elements.

The thermoplastic properties of PVC allow us to curve the profiles, adapting them to a large diversity of designs that will fit your projects, such as bullseyes, semi-circular, segmental or lancet arches.

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Casement tilt-and-turn data sheet



Casement tilt-and-turn dimensions

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