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Entry door

The 70 mm structure Termimax entry door stands out thanks to its robustness, durability and safety. The panel profiles of up to 120 mm, the rebate for the panel up to 42 mm and its internal reinforcements provide it with a high resistance to heavy use and the possibility of installing safety panels. The double perimetral EPDM/TPE-PCE gasket ring installed uninterrupted in the frame and in the panel allows high degrees of permeability to air, watertightness and wind resistance.

The hinges can hold a maximum weight up to 120 kg., which allows a wide entry space and installation of security door panels. They are also easily regulated in height, width and pressure against the frame.

The modern automatic locks used in our doors now allow the safety latches to close with the frame when the panel is closed, with no need to turn them with the key, increasing the door’s security and tightness seal. The lock cylinder is a safety lock, with an internal mechanism that is wear-resistant and has a double protection against drilling.

In order to suit the tastes of our clients, we offer a wide choice in the combination of handles and knobs, as well as entrance door panels.


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