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Blinds housing

The Termimax blinds housing systems allow regulation of light and noise coming from outside, increasing the window’s performance and comfort in the room.

The housing profiles are double-walled with a large number of internal walls, which provide solidity to the housing and a high degree of thermal and acoustic insulation.

The airborne noise insulation rate for a two-leaf window with blinds housing is Ra Ra = 33,4 dBA, and the weighted index of noise reduction is Rw = 34 (-1;-5) dB (Cidemco, certificate number 12.570) and the coefficient of whole window U-value plus blinds housing is 2.1 W/m2 K with the blinds rolled up and 1.5 W/m2 K with the blinds lowered (Cidemco, certificate number 12.571). 40% more insulation just by lowering the blind.

The detailed design of the blinds housing allows the AEV features of the Termimax window where they are installed to be maintained, thanks to the lower airflow through the blinds, reaching Class 3 in the air permeability test for a two-leaf window with blinds housing (Cidemco, certificate number 12.565).

We offer the same foliated finishes for housing, guides and window profiles. We also offer different sized blinds housings and tracks, we work to provide the client with the best solution from a wide range of possibilities. We could say that the CTE requirements are fully met with our blinds housings, both thermally and acoustically, with beautiful finishes and minimum maintenance


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